Software Download

30 day software trial for your live or test environment

We offer a self-installable download of the BCX Network Management Tools for you to trial on your own systems.  This trial gives you access to all features in the tools for 30 days on up to 15 client workstations, allowing you to fully investigate the ways in which this can ease the day to day management of even the largest school network.

The software can either be installed on a dedicated test network, or on your existing network, and limited to a separate OU structure where your test user and station accounts exist.

We recommend you provision a dedicated Windows Server 2019 VM with a minimum of 4x CPU Cores and 4096MB of RAM for trial purposes.
The installation wizard will guide you through the process of setting up the BCX Network Management Tools, including downloading and installing Microsoft SQL Express, setting up the server, and creating a group policy object to install the client on the required OU.

Once you have completed your trial you can unlock the full functionality by simply purchasing a license key and entering this into your existing installation, no need to uninstall and re-install a new version.  

Alternatively, we have experience in migrating all types of networks.
Please contact us for engineering/consultancy on how best to integrate the Management Tools into your existing network.

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