Virtualisation and Backup

Resilient virtualised servers protected by award-winning backup

Image of Virtualisation

Virtualisation is now utilised by many educational establishments.  We are able to install, maintain and migrate these technologies to meet customer requirements.

A virtual system provides schools with a cost effective, resilient server solution with reduced running and cooling costs.  Often implemented along with a Storage Area Network this gives the school a high performance, scalable solution.  In the event of a physical server failure, virtual machines can be started on the remaining hardware meaning little or no downtime for end users.  The platform can also be used to quickly provision new servers, with no additional hardware costs.

We recommend Veeam Backup and Replication as a fast, cost effective backup solution.  Veeam is a powerful, easy to use platform that will shorten your backup window and reduce storage costs.  With a single, easy to navigate user interface, you can quickly see that your servers have backed up successfully.  Veeam allows you to restore entire virtual machines as well as single files and everything in between if required.