BCX Network Monitoring

A cloud network monitoring service

Most networks will have a failure of IT hardware or systems at some point, and it always seems to happen at the worst possible time. The various network devices installed at different times have different bespoke email alerting systems, all unable to communicate when the failure takes the mail server offline, or worse still the email drops into junk. Modern redundant networks often continue to function after a fault, which unless server rooms and network cabinets are frequently inspected for warning lights, may go unnoticed past the hardware’s warranty contract.

"I need an overview of my whole IT system at a single glance"

We have taken the complex task of monitoring the various network device types and brought them into a single interface. Our dashboard allows you to see at a glance if there are any issues that need your attention. We can also monitor your core infrastructure for you centrally, allowing us to notify you if we see a critical issue, or even remotely log and resolve issues before they cause disruption to end users.