BCX Network Monitoring

Support and Pricing

The BCX Network Monitoring service is charged as an annual subscription cost based on the size of your network at the start of the subscription. The price covers the rental of the on-prem appliance and includes hardware support for the unit. In contrast to the other solutions, we do not charge per sensor or trigger.

The configuration is fully managed by us, with support included via the BCX Customer Portal, allowing access to all support tickets and contracts from a central location.

The service can compliment other support packages including labour only warranty. For example, if a hard drive fails in a server that’s covered under our warranty, we will get the notification too. On your behalf, we will log the call with the warranty provider and arrange a replacement drive to be shipped direct to site, keeping you informed throughout via the support case in our portal.

For most educational establishments the subscription cost including the appliance will be under £1200 per year. Engineering time for onsite setup may be required if you do not have technical staff available to connect the appliance and provide us with a technical overview of your existing network.

If you would like a demo of how the system works, or require a quote based on your establishments individual requirements:
contact us on 0115 753 1005 or email info@burconix.com