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May 2009 saw the first public release of the BCX Network Management Tools, with shortcut management, printer, package and wallpaper tasks. In 2011 we launched version 2, this added in Users and Computers, Startup Shutdown and User Information and Station Information.

In 2014 we released the new look completely rewritten manager in .NET 4.0, along with BCX Update allowing us to easily add functionality and improvements to the software as we received feedback. Some key features added were assignment exceptions, remote desktop services support, x64 and x86 package tasks and shortcuts, scheduled tasks, web tools and remote station rebuilding support, as well as a feedback tool from within the manager (to name but a few).

Following the release of version 3.0 we are committed to continually develop the product based on customer feedback and changing technologies. Below gives a summary of what we have added since launch.

Version 3.0 - Post Launch New Features Development Summary

March 2015 - Public Release of v3.0.0.4
Added support for exchange mailbox archives, bulk user password reset and 2012R2 multi-level DFS path support.

June 2015 - Public Release of v3.0.0.5
Added beta support for Office 365 and Exchange 2013 Hybrid mailbox creation, AD user photo manipulation, setting build groups from the rename computer tool and overlaying display names to wallpapers.

July 2015 - Public Release of v3.0.0.6
Added the MIS Comparison tool, as well as adding display pictures in the staff change password utility and beta remote rebuild support for EFI Installations of Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

November 2015 - Public Release of v3.0.0.7
Added enhancements for local exchange, hybrid and 365 cloud management including bulk create mailboxes and email address management. As well as limit OS options for shortcuts and packages on Windows 10.

March 2016 - Public Release of v3.0.0.8
Added bulk enable email groups, and create mail groups from MIS class groups. Also added set address book policies from user templates, with full support for Exchange 2016. We also added an optional AUP Tool that displays an acceptable use policy with logging which can be auto started on logon.

April 2016 - Public Release of v3.0.0.9
Added a new AV Information tab into the software, born out of customer feedback for a better overview of antivirus for those running the included SCEP/Forefront Protection as part of their EES. For customers running Sophos this feature has been extended to read and report the Sophos AV client status.

October 2016 - Public Release of v3.0.1.1
This minor update brings various bug fixes for the latest Windows 10 build 1607 and LTSB 2016, as well as stability improvements to the BCX Server Service when starting up a high number of stations automatically. Please note that following this update OU user templates will use a new format for masks introducing an end tag, for example %u will now become %u%. All existing templates will be updated automatically so no user action is required.

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