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I have never worked with a company who provide the services and skills that you guys do - the service and support is brilliant.
Simon Morris - Network Manager at St Francis of Assisi Catholic Technology College

It's a well refined set of tools that assists with the every day problems that a network admin may encounter, freeing up time to allow us to support teaching and learning, rather than delaying it due to 1000s of unnecessary scripts/GPO having to apply - with great support to back it up.
Matt Jones - ICT Manager at St Edmunds Catholic School

The tools enabled us to move away from our previous supplier and replaced some necessary functionality like the printer location chooser.
The tools are brilliant, wouldn't move to another school without it!
John Sturgess - Assistant Network Manager at Bishop Stopford School

They are a fantastic addition to a windows environment as they give you quick access to all the features you need on a day to day basis with an intuitive GUI.
The support has always been to a very high standard and the technicians are very good at explaining technical concepts in an easy to understand way.
I have always felt that the team embrace the idea that every network is different and leave decision making up to you as a customer.
Mike Murray - Network Manager at The Brakenhale School

I was worried that they would be similar to other management tools and that BCX would slow down tasks and put an unnecessary load on the server.
This has not been the case and my concerns were unfounded!
All in all a very positive experience of using the BCX Network Management Tools - an excellent product and very well supported.
Tracy Elford - Network Manager at Roselands Primary School

The whole management of the school has been placed in a very simple nice and easy format without adding more hassle.
We are very well supported with no issues since using Bucronix.
Peter Crane - Caretaker / IT Manager at Hanwell Fields Primary School

Link to MIS and new account creation is an absolute dream to have.
We use this for in year admissions, new staff and for intake in September, we also love that it brings in photos from the MIS as well.
The tools have improved quota control, printer creation, user account creation and shortcut management.
I can't see how we could run out network without it.

Russ Le Puill - IT Manager at St Peter's C of E School

There are so many useful features that I use regularly, but force sync and re-run logon saves us so much time from having to log off and on again.
Burconix are always quick to respond to support calls via the portal which works well.
Rob Collard - Assistant Network Manager at Bartholomew School

An excellent management tool, it keeps all your useful tools in one place in one interface.
Support for it is excellent, and they'll go very far to help with issues or ideas that you have.
Matthew Olds - ICT Technician at Chipping Norton School

Over the last 8 or so years I have used the Burconix Management Tools I have found these to be excellent for the amount of time they saved me.
They are under continual development to add new useful features.
Steven Cleaver - ICT Manager at Lode Heath School

Excellent product designed, supported and run by a company that cares about its product.
Andy Gorin - ICT Manager at St Peter's Catholic School

It's always difficult to justify the purchase of software which may turn out to be superfluous and a waste of money, particularly bearing in mind tight financial school budgets. Much the same as a microwave oven, it's difficult to imagine life without it!
We have always made a point of highlighting just how good the 'complete package' from Burconix is.
Martin Jenkins - Network Manager at Afon Taf High School